Road-rail Robot VLEX -
A new kind of road-rail vehicle
Road-rail Robot VLEX -
From track to road and back
Road-rail Robot VLEX -
Temporary shunting: Rental option
Road-rail Robot VLEX -
Intuitive innovative

From track to road and back

With the newly developed VLEX road-rail vehicle, Vollert offers an optimal solution for the light shunting operation up to 300 tons. It is radio-controlled and can change quickly and easily from track to road – or directly to the power outlet. Because it has a batterypowered electric drive, the shunting of wagons in outdoor and also closed storage and production areas is possible.

Road-rail vehicle with optimum stability and traction

Track guide rollers are hydraulically lowered for rail travel. The hydraulic system ensures that the track guide units automatically readjust and compensate for each other. The steering can be hydraulically locked for required stability on the rail. Solid rubber tires ensure optimum traction, additionally supported by the high selfweight of 4.5 tons.

Traffic operations, ports, logistics centers, industry – VLEX delivers flexibility

Due to its high maneuverability because of a smart steering concept, the intelligent drive technology and the optimum traction, the road-rail robot is easy and safe to use in all maneuvering operations. Also, a one-man operation: By means of the joystick remote control with high coverage it is intuitively navigated and accurate to the millimeter. A
novel color design makes the VLEX particularly easy to control.

Various coupling systems, battery packs and ample extra and safety equipment are available to tailor the road-rail robot to your requirements.

A big twist: Articulation steering

Articulation steering means flexibility

Many shunting systems are too clumsy or involve high wear. The newly developed VLEX road-rail robot features a very special type of articulated steering. It is steered and controlled by radio control by means of four individually controlled wheel hub motors. Steering takes place via the speed control of the wheels, so that we could do without the steering cylinders commonly used in articulation steering systems.
The road-rail robot is thus compact and extremely maneuverable and therefore a real economic alternative to previously available shunting solutions.

360° turns are possible

The ingenious vehicle and steering geometry, combined with the new steering control system allow a turning radius of only 7.2 m that are gentle on the tires. If necessary, 360° turns on the spot are also feasible.

100% grip: Swing axle for maximum traction

One of the chassis axles is a swing axle. This ensures that all drive wheels always have maximum contact with the ground and can make use of their full power during rail and road travel. The vehicle, thus masters smaller obstacles as well as huckholes without any loss of structural stability and traction even on unpaved but load-bearing terrain.


Versatile use

This makes the road-rail robot ideal for a wide range of applications – whether in tram transport operation, under the harsh conditions of container loading in a port environment or shunting of industry cargo wagons. Braking is carried out electrically. The spring-loaded multi-disc brakes on all wheels keep the vehicle safely in Position.

Intuitive innovative: Remote control

The joystick remote control is particularly easy to use with the novel color system. Steering and travel as well as lowering the track rollers are operated intuitively and without the need for major training measures by means of color-coded buttons. The road-rail robot is controlled safely under all operating conditions thanks to the high coverage. In majority of the European Union the radio frequency (433/434 MHz) is not subject to registration or approval.

Everything at a glance

In addition, all other functions such as buttons for solo/loaded speed, locking of the steering function, working lights, the shunt coupling as well as an emergency stop button are always visible and selectable.

Extremely easy to maintain: Easy access

The complete steel frame has an extremely rugged design and is all welded.

Access to all important components as well as for battery replacement is possible at any time via large gull-wing doors. This makes maintenance of the road-rail Robot very easy. The recharge is carried out by means of an intelligent, high-frequency
charger, with gentle charging control based on the actual battery status. Equalizing and trickle charges are possible.

Operating data always visible

All operating data are graphically shown on a 4.3 inch color display and are read by means of LED bars. Settings or parameters can be changed and adjusted at any time. In addition, the road-rail robot has a LED battery discharge level display and a electrolyte level warning light.

Temporary shunting: Rental option

Another aspect for many customers is using the road-rail vehicle temporarily when required. With its small dimensions and a dead weight of 4.5 tons, the VLEX is easy to transport and can therefore be quickly employed anywhere. That is why we have developed a rental model for such tasks. Even in periods of high shipments, VLEX supports a limited time, for example, during the harvest of agricultural products or other goods and materials subject to seasonal fluctuations.

Through the rental option, it is possible to test equipment variants that are appropriate for the given operating conditions, inclines or curves.


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